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Roof Maintenance Tips for Florida Homeowners

Florida has a subtropical climate that is susceptible to tropical cyclones. Both these conditions lead to the necessity for homeowners to be doubly careful in the maintenance of the roofs of their homes.

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Whether the roof of your home in Florida is new or has been around for some time, there are certain things you need to do to ensure that it is kept in the best shape for a very long time.

Replacing old roofs can be quite expensive. If you follow some tips you can maintain the roof and prolong it's life.

To start your regular roof maintenance, you must make sure that its gutters are cleaned frequently. Failure to clean your gutters will lead to clogged and overflowing gutters, and this can ruin walls, sidings and stucco finishes.

The profile of the gutter enables leaves to pile up, and when this pile becomes too deep, rainwater will cause them to rot. Make it a point, therefore, to clean your gutters at least two or three times a year, and especially after storms. Pull down any leaves from the roof if you can, before they find their way into the gutter.

Trimming troublesome trees at regular intervals can reduce this problem, as well as prevent overlooking branches on trees from damaging your roof. Shingles are especially vulnerable to such damage. Overhanging branches will also give rodents and squirrels easy access to your roof, and these pests can gnaw on the roof and damage it. If they find a way into your home from various vents and other openings, your home is that much more vulnerable. Branches of trees should be at least 10 feet away from the roof, to keep pests at bay. This will enable you to avoid the abrasion that low hanging branches can cause over your roof and can often lead to roof shingles or tiles being dislodged from their position.

After every big storm or high winds, a check of your roof can lead you to find missing or loose tiles or shingles. You can even detect such damage without any need to climb on the roof, an action that is quite risky. Use binoculars to look at all parts of your roof to spot any damage. There can also be damage to flashings that are required at all openings, like vents, chimneys, and skylights. If you detect any kind of damage contact your local roofing company and get it repaired.

The parts of roofs that are exposed to shade for a long time during periods of high humidity will be streaked with fungus, algae, and mold. Left unchecked, this can cause a deterioration of your roofing material and will eventually lead to a shortening of the life of the roof. You will then have to deal with leaks and other problems. Installing zinc strips on the ridge of a roof can inhibit the growth of mold.

Hiring a competent and professional roofing company can be a great advantage. Your roofer must be professionals who are in the business and familiar with the type of roof that you have. They are more than likely to give your roof the attention that it needs, as your inspection may at times lead to you overlooking certain problems. An expert will not do this, as his livelihood and continued business depend on his competence.

Take care to see that the underside of your roof is also looked at during such inspections, as these often give the first indications of trouble from leaks or damaged roof covering. Any problems with the roof support structure can also be easily detected, and then necessary repairs can be undertaken. It is a good idea to look at ridge tiles, vents, chimneys, and all other openings and see that they are functioning as they should. Defects in them could ultimately affect the roof and lead to urgently needed repairs.

Frequent maintenance and inspection of your roof will significantly extend its life, and reduce any inconvenience from damaged roofs.

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